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High Temperature Thermocouples

High Temperature Thermocouples

Ceramic thermocouples have a Wide range, specially ceramic sheath with a protection sheath of SS grade tube material as knowing holding sheath which is used as mounting & protection of ceramic sheath, Ceramic thermocouples are specially manufactured for high temperature as continues temperature measuring this type thermocouple are used in Ceramic & Glass industries.



  • Type “R” (Pt.Rh.13% - Pt.) and Type “S” (Pt.Rh.10% - Pt.) are used to measure temperature up to 1600°c Maximum. Thermo element pair is protected by two or three ceramic sheaths of various types depending upon working temperature and environmental conditions.

  • Ceramic protection tube type KER 610 –with 60%, 80% Al2O3.

  • Type KER 710 –recrystalised – high alumina tube with 99.9% Al2O3 available in 24 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm, 10 mm dia.

  • Holding tube made of SS304 are used to hold ceramic sheath with head complete with ceramic terminal block with nickel plated terminals.



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