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Resistance Temperature Detector

Resistance Temperature Detector

Resistance temperature detector (RTDs) i.e. resistance thermometer are invariable used for temperature measuring between-50 deg C to +400 deg C in this temperature range. RTDs are preferred to thermocouples and other sensors because of their accuracy. Reliability compact size and faster response. RTDs find use in almost all industries like plastic and rubber processing, food industries, pharmaceuticals. Chemicals and petrochemicals, plants power plants, diesel engine and ship. Process control and in laboratories for temperatures measurement and control. RTDs are available with simplex and duplex resistance elements and in 2 or 3 wire circuit. A Variety of protecting Sheath, mounting connection construction, design and mounting heads make the RTDs suitable to most of the temperature measurement problems. RTDs assemblies are normally consist of an inset outer protecting sheath with mounting connection and cast aluminum terminal Heads. The Inset connection leads. insulated ceramic multibore insulating tube surrounded by stainless steel or Brass tube attached to a spring loaded arrangement at the other end so as to protect the resistance element against vibration and shocks normally encountered in industrial use.



  • Type (PT-100, PT -200, PT-1000)

  • Range -50o to 600o C

  • Protection sheath SS316, 310 in various dia and adjustable connections.


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